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Oral health means being free of oral-facial pain conditions, oral and pharyngeal cancers, soft tissue lesions, birth defects such as cleft lip and palates, and a host of other conditions. The health of your gums, teeth and mouth are integral to a person’s overall health. Moreover, there is definitive research which shows the connection between poor oral health and systemic disease such as diabetes in people of all ages and respiratory diseases particularly among elderly people. New research is now also pointing to possible connections between oral health and other systemic conditions such as heart disease and premature, low birth weight babies. Moreover, this inability to brush your teeth while not at home does and will contribute to oral disease. Oral disease can come in the form of cavities, gum disease, periodontal disease, and gingivitis, compromising overall health including cardiovascular health.


It has been proven that brushing your teeth directly following a meal or beverage is the most effective way in which to prevent oral disease. For example, within 10 minutes of ingestion of carbohydrates and sugars the acidity of the oral fluids causes the demineralization of tooth enamel. Thus, the mobility and convenience of our product would be able to essentially eliminate the possibility of oral disease entirely. 


We at Mobile Fresh want to utilize this great opportunity to solve the problem of oral disease. Moreover, we will provide evidence which supports our products preventative aspects and how they contribute to the elimination of oral disease. The objective of our project is develop extensive research on the initiation and rate of demineralization of tooth enamel. Then utilize the extensive research to support the need for increased mobility and convenience when it comes to oral hygiene and oral health prevention measures. With our finding we will educate the country on our research and about the length in time between the ingestion of food and beverages and the initiation of the demineralization of tooth enamel.