Mobile Fresh Incorporated

Where convenience and mobility unite to eliminate oral disease one toothbrush at a time.

Mission Statement

We at Mobile Fresh Inc. have tasked ourselves with the daunting mission of attempting to completely change the brushing culture which currently exists in America; to one which affords brushing in foreign environments not at home in an effort to completely eliminate oral disease. Moreover, we strive to drastically improve the convenience and mobility of brushing, creating superior brushing habits for our children and our future. Mobile Fresh Inc. has created an innovative product which has no comparison when it comes to its objective and effectiveness. Our product addresses the important problem with the long duration between brushing which increases oral disease. Moreover, our product in essence has the capability to actually prevent oral disease. There are safe and effective measures for preventing the number one preventable disease in the world. For this reason, our disposable toothbrush and disposable toothpaste packages will be integral in eliminating oral disease in America. Our product will allow users to brush their teeth without searching for a retail outlet. Furthermore, our product would allow individuals to brush their teeth, freshen breath and stop oral disease after all snacks, meals and beverages.

  • Great tasting mint flavor
  • Soft full bristle pattern 
  • Disposable 
  • Convenient and mobile packaging 
  • Very affordable price! 


  • Registered with FDA 
  • Registered with Better Business Bureau 
  • 5 Million worth of Product Liability Coverage 
  • Board consists of active members in the Kansas, Missouri and American Dental Associations 
  • Working with National Institute of Health and Small Business Administration in effort to support our President’s request for an increase in preventative measures against oral disease.

Certified Minority Business Enterprises

  • State of Kansas & Missouri
  • City of Kansas City
  • Mid America Minority Supplier Development Council


In order to achieve our mission we have numerous partnerships with schools, charities, and dental offices to provide our toothbrushes at no cost. Moreover, a portion of every toothbrush sold is held back ​to aid us in accomplishing our mission. ​